Saturday, February 8, 2020

To what extent would you agree with the view that the protagonist of Essay

To what extent would you agree with the view that the protagonist of Poe's stories is language itself, and the structure of the tale is its hero discuss with r - Essay Example This internal battle causes Wilson to go insane and eventually attempt to murder a man who looks and acts just like him because he believes that this will reacquire his identity for him. Each of these stories has a protagonist that can be representative of language as a whole because each of them is battling against other forces who are trying to regulate their language. Dupin does not wish to be bound by the conventional rules of investigation, just like many do not like to be bound by the conventional rules of language, so he becomes an innovator in his field, which leads to him solving the crime. Wilson, on the other hand, believes that his own person language is being threatened and so he acts violently in order to protect it. Each of these characters represent language because language, while constantly evolving, must also be protected from external factors, otherwise we will all eventually end up speaking and writing exactly alike. In the story ‘The Murders in the Rue Morgue,’ by Edgar Allan Poe, the protagonist is an expert detective named C Auguste Dupin. Poe is often credited with creating the genre of detective fiction that is present today, as he â€Å"introduced three common motifs of detective fiction: the wrongly suspected man, the crime in the locked room, and the solution by unexpected means. Dupin solved the crime by reading the evidence better than the police did and by noticing clues that they had neglected, thus highlighting the importance of inference and observation†1. This story’s use of language focuses on both Dupin and the narrator, who is an overly sympathetic figure and does not believe that Dupin can do any wrong. Dupin forms the plot of this story around his belief that the Paris police department has not done all that it can do to solve this crime. He uses his power of observation to recognize clues at the crime scene

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